The Technology

The Dearman engine is designed to be cheap, simple and robust.

Currently in development with Ricardo plc, supported by a cluster of leading UK Universities, the technology has high thermodynamic and power efficiencies.

Our Innovation: patent granted

A simple and elegant method of adding heat to liquid air without expensive or heavy, high pressure heat exchangers.

Turning the liquid air back to gas takes place inside the cylinder by spraying the liquid air into an ambient temperature heat exchange fluid. This warming process produces energy by means of a very rapid and efficient ‘regasification’ (whereby the liquid turns back into its original form i.e. air).


Whilst the engine itself is still in development, our work to date underpins the central characteristics that the final engine will display. These include:

  • Capital Cost – ICE comparable or cheaper
  • Marginal kWh – very low
  • Refueling time – ICE comparable
  • Lifetime – ICE comparable
  • Maintenance – ICE comparable
  • Non-combustive/spark free
  • Energy density – equal to advanced lithium-ion batteries

(ICE = internal combustion engine)