January 28, 2012


The team at the Dearman Engine Company has a long and proven track record, including most recently Highview Power Storage (a company developing an award-winning utility-scale energy storage using liquid air) and its progress from idea to technology invention and then through early stage development (and patenting) to first deployment.

Toby Peters and Michael Ayres were the original founding executive and the strategy, business and funding development team behind Highview. Toby Peters continues as an executive director of Highview (COO/Head of Strategy); Michael Ayres was Head of Development at Highview, before taking a 12 month sabbatical in March 2010, joining Dearman Engine Company full-time on his return earlier this year.

Non-Executive Directors of the Dearman Engine Company are Gareth Brett, also CEO of Highview Power Storage since late 2008, and Jeremy North, a chartered accountant by training, with broad experience from public listing/IPO through to start-ups.

Peter Dearman

This is Peter’s second major invention. His first was a mechanical emergency resuscitation and ventilation valve system, now used by hospitals, paramedics and ambulance teams throughout the World. With many thousands in use every day, it has saved many lives. In 2000, Peter Dearman focused his attentions on the issue of new sustainable fuel, which has intrigued him, all his life. He identified that while much research had been done with liquid nitrogen, no-one had a practical solution. In turn as he says “I stopped looking at the steam engine for the answer and opened the bonnet to my car.”

Dr Henry Clarke

Henry recently completed a four year PhD focused on the Dearman Engine Company’s technology. During the PhD he developed an intimate understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of the technology and cryogenic liquids as an energy vector through analysis, engine testing and static injection work. This work led to him being a co-author on a number of papers published in academic journals and given at conferences around the world. We are very pleased that Henry has joined the team in the role of Associate – Technology Development. Prior to his PhD Henry received a First Class MEng in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Bristol.